Einstein said the difference between genius and stupidity lies with genius having its limits, but in K-drama, even noble idiocy has a breaking point. Cheok Hee finally reached the end of her stand off and resolve in Divorce Lawyer in Love, but not before Jung Woo racked up some major cool points and Min Gyu and Soo Ah set up their permanent residence in Delusional Dungeons. And though the straw came later in the game than we desired, Tiara and I couldn't be happier. 'Cause who wouldn't rather hop a jet plane for a reception over of a rampage? 

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Unnichan: As I was watching this week’s A Divorce Lawyer in Love, I was thankful, we didn’t follow the noble idiocy trail for too long, because it seems even Cheok Hee knows when to face reality. However, one thing that we often fail to ponder is the other side of the spectrum of Cheok Hee’s choice and that is that she truly was conflicted about her relationship with Jung Woo. And I loved that even when I was fed up and disinterested, he proved how much he loves her once again by seeking to understand her and see things from her perspective.

Tiara: Foremost, I thank the mighty drama gods for not making Cheok Hee a noble idiot after these episodes. However, she really got to me these two episodes. I understood where she was coming from in not wanting to come between Jung Woo and his mom. She can’t change Jung Woo’s mom and it isn’t her responsibility to do thusly. Being in a relationship is not easy. Jung Woo is ready to fight for Cheok Hee, while she was willing to throw it all away.

Unnichan: Communication is a big issue here and it was certainly Jung Woo doing all the talking. There was really nothing else Cheok Hee could do once she decided it was over for them. It’s sad she was willing to walk away so easily and that truly does concern me. And I say easily, because she did it and was resolved to do so regardless of how Jung Woo felt. To me that is the biggest issue.

Tiara: She says it hurts to be broken up with Jung Woo which I do believe she was having a difficult time. It just really annoyed me she wouldn’t communicate with Jung Woo and figure out her reason for breaking up can’t be fixed by her alone.

Unnichan: When you are dating, what the focus needs to be on is the two of you, so you can build a strong foundation in order to weather the storms that are sure to come. That’s what made Jung Woo’s “let’s just love each other” so powerful.

Tiara: Jung Woo made me want to just hug him throughout these episodes. He worked so hard trying to get Cheok Hee to talk and showing her how much he loved her. He conceded to their co-workers by expressing his feeling something, they were straining to keep quiet. When he told Cheok Hee they wouldn’t see each other after her jail time, I wanting to throw my laptop across the room. Not to mention, how could she not figure out he was the one to prove her innocent? He never left her position during this worrisome time. How can she be so blind towards Jung Woo?

Unnichan: This isn’t the first time she’s been blind when it comes to Jung Woo, but I was a little irritated that her jail ordeal didn’t turn her back in his direction. She knows he loves her and wants to be with her but her refusal was exhausting. The only good thing that came from it, was seeing how great Jung Woo is. He not only fought her on the issue, but once he saw how serious and saddened she was, began to think more about her and her feelings. It’s rare that we see love portrayed in this way and that is what makes his love even sweeter. And it’s also what makes those rejoicing in Cheok Hee’s idiocy all the more frustrating. Soo Ah and Sunbae irritated me as well because instead of their hearts going out to two people that clearly like one another but still chose to separate, they choose to capitalize on the situation.

Tiara: I’m ashamed of Sunbae. He leaped at the first opportunity to win Cheok Hee over. Instead of being a concern friend, he rushed into the idea of marriage. What was he thinking? He really expected Cheok Hee to say yes. I think someone was drinking from the crazy kool-aid.

Unnichan: I’m glad I’m not the only one who thought that was absolutely insane! How could he even dream of that?! They weren’t even dating! And what makes it worse is that both of these people began as decent friends. ‘Cause, I mean, seriously, how could Soo Ah not even ask why they broke up? Are we to assume she already knows? And if so, how could she possibly be happy and now think she actually has a chance? Then Sunbae and his proposal?! Bonkers. Totally bonkers.

Tiara: Soo Ah continues to be a horrible person. Letting Cheok Hee have the office space wasn’t coming from the goodness of her heart. It was arriving from her jealous side. I can’t wait until Mi Hwa finds out she lied about Ms Mints. I do think she might be whistling a new tune towards her “beloved” daughter.

Unnichan: All Soo Ah seems to do nowadays is disappoint because she missed yet another great opportunity for the truth. I’m sure there are many who would like to believe now that she’s dug the hole, all she can do is fill it with lies and she’s afraid of what the truth may do, but I truly don’t care. It’s true, she should have never lied, but she did, therefore, no matter how you cut it, the lies she’s told, the ways she endeavored to cover it up, they’re all going to hurt people---especially the people she cares for the most.

Tiara: It’s so true about Soo Ah’s missed opportunity. This could’ve changed her role from the jealous second lead to a more interesting type. At this point in the story, she thought Jung Woo and Cheok Hee were still dating. If she would’ve come clean about Ms Mints, nothing would have changed. Jung Woo would still love Cheok Hee.

Unnichan: It’s Soo Ah’s MO to stay silent instead of saying what should be said, so I suppose we shouldn’t be surprised but it’s just boggling how eager and delusional she is when it comes to pushing her agenda. I won’t hold my breath that Mi Hwa Ahjumma changes her tune but I will be shocked if she doesn’t have a jawdrop moment. Because she thinks Soo Ah is perfect and this girl is far, far from it.

Tiara: Mi Hwa Ahjumma is a stubborn lady. Knowing how dramaland parents feel about girls their sons are dating, she probably would be grateful towards Cheok Hee, but her other feelings wouldn’t change. Sadly getting Soo Ah to come clean wasn’t the way the drama wanted to convey. However, Cheok Hee confirmed her identity of Ms Mints. It was not a flashy confession and she doesn’t remember the victims, she saved only she was happy to have saved them. I really like this soft approach.

Unnichan: I do like how it was done. The “reveal” was something low key and put more precedent on Cheok Hee being in the right place, at the right time, for someone in need. She was able to do for someone else, something she couldn’t do for her mother and that makes sense. I also appreciate the sentiment that Jung Woo fell for her all on his own and loves her without knowing. Nor is this revelation the reason they patched things up this time around. And if or when she turns out to be his Ms. Mint Drop, it will only solidify his conviction that she’s a wonderful and warm person.

Tiara: I actually can’t wait for Jung Woo to finally thank Ms. Mints for saving him. It’s going to just make these two crazy kids love each other more. Since our Noble Idiot time has passed, will Cheok Hee still leave the office?

Unnichan: Things will definitely be different once she has her license back, but to her credit, I like that Cheok Hee was able to recognize her time as an Office Manager was some of the best in her law career. She learned and gleaned from others, was an inspiration and support, to not only her lawyers but her other office mates. She helped people. Not just her clients but the entire office worked together to accomplish their goals.

Tiara: Cheok Hee’s redeeming moment for sure. I’m right there with you. She loved her time as being an Office Manager. She can now appreciate not only the position, but her fellow co-workers. She’s grown from the Cheok Hee at the beginning to be such a wonderful person. It’s nice being able to see her growth. Do you think Sunbae should ask her to stay at the law firm as a lawyer? Or will it be option B? Jung Woo and Cheok Hee as partners in their own firm? I get the impression these two will stay as partners in all roles of life. They’ve got a big battle ahead of themselves with whatever Mi Ri has plan.

Unnichan: They need to remain partners and the dissolution of BF and DK Group will hopefully propel Sunbae into coming to work. If all three of them are at the job getting some things done, I truly see no stopping them. I was glad to see Min Gyu ask his father to put him first and find it equally interesting that In Jae is determined to keep an emotional distance from him. I know that he’s been living this way for quite some time and it would be difficult for him to change now, but I’d really like for him to stop throwing money at his son and start setting aside some quality time with him. Sunbae brought up a good point that In Jae has forgotten that he actually had the luxury of loving someone, that’s why he can afford to shut himself off but he’s robbing his son of that experience.

Tiara: Min Gyu standing up to his father made me proud of him. He’s done everything his father has asked of him. I hope for their father and son relationship for In Jae to love his son and let him love in return. I wonder if he’s raised Sunbae as his way of “protecting” him. Of course, it isn’t working and In Jae can’t protect him from everything in the universe. It’s getting to be an interesting battle between BF and DK Group. I question if I RI will poke her head on this ongoing battle considering she married into DK Group.

Unnichan: I honestly believe Mi Ri’s secret is what will give our guys the upperhand. Unfortunately, now that Mysterious Wife has disappeared, I wonder how Cheok Hee will suss out the truth. I can’t say I’m completely sad because I’d much rather for Cheok Hee to go head to head with Mi Ri instead of being fed information but this clip seemed juicy. I know it will show up again, but goodness I wish we knew what details this video holds. It’s also pretty sad, Wife was spirited away with a few thousand dollars but whatever, Mi Ri might just come out into the open herself for a chance to stick it to DK Group.

Tiara: The video will be back. I get the feeling Mysterious Wife might send it to Cheok Hee as her way for sticking it to Mi Ri. Condersidering, Madam Ma and Mi Ri aren’t BFFs no more and it would be interesting to see her maybe side with Cheok Hee. They likewise, aren’t friends, but her beef with Cheok He is over the wrongful death of her brother. The real villain here is Mi RI and her mystery. What made her lie to divorce her husband and for him to kill himself? This is the real question at hand. However, another battle has been gained, but the War could either way.

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