We all find ourselves in tight situations, where our integrity is called into question and it seems there's no better situation than the prospect of love. And this week, while some characters learned there a limits and lines they can't bring themselves to cross, others decide their desires hold more weight than their convictions on Divorce Lawyer in Love.

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Tiara: We’re taught at a young age what is right and wrong. Morals were set to help us distinction between what is ethical and not. Jung Woo and Soo Ah were both put to the test to find out who would compromise their morals for their own selfishness. What do you reckon of the choices each made this week?

Unnichan: As you know, I was concerned about the whole "taken" issue between Cheok Hee and Jung Woo but I like that it was resolved quickly, either through Jung Woo's personal convictions or the truth. I can't say I appreciated Jung Woo’s course of action, but ultimately, if you have feelings for someone who isn't single, well, that's your problem, not the object of your affection. There was a lot of misleading and deception with several characters this week, Sunbae included, and I found it all rather disappointing. However, Min Gyu's saving grace was not making excuses for his actions and actually encouraging Soo Ah to choose differently.

Jazmine: This was a very frustrating episode to me. I was also displeased with Jung Woo’s course of action. Though I was more disappointed with Soo Ah, which I’m sure we’ll get to later. Min Gyu also upset me, and yet I still ship him with Cheok Hee (after all that). Cheok Hee became more “redeemable” to me. She’s continuing to grow as a character and it’s making me happy!

Tiara:It’s true Jung Woo is the one with the problem of having feelings for someone whom he thinks is taken. We know Cheok Hee and Sunbae’s relationship is false, but Jung Woo doesn’t. I do think he believes if he tells Cheok Hee his feelings he might split up the couple due to his poor timing. I think he was stupid to act nasty towards her when he’s the one with the issues. Thank goodness all misconceptions are out, but it’s interesting to see our side players take a step up to bat.

Unnichan: I never understand acting snotty because of your ruffled feathers. You shouldn't take out your personal issues on other people, 'cause when you do, it makes you look small and petty. Much like how Sunbae felt as he drank alone and later when he came to his realization regarding his upbringing. I won't say we can put all the blame on Dad but something has always been lacking and now he recognizes it's not something to be complacent about any longer.

Jazmine: Totally agree with you Unnichan! You cannot take out your anger on other people who have nothing to do with your problems. Min Gyu is doing a lot of self reflection so I am happy to see that. Also, can I just mention how kinda adorable Min Gyu and his Dad’s interactions were? It was cute or really endearing.

Tiara: Min Gyu’s scene with his Dad calls him out saying he should have taught him how to buy flowers was squeezing my heart strings. It’s just awkward with his impending marriage just around the corner. Sunbae is slowly becoming a much more complex and interesting role.

Unnichan: Sunbae has always been my favorite and felt there was much more to be mined where he was concerned. Clearly, any genuine morality he learned was intuitive or simply through observing the consequences of cutting corners, which of course brings me to Soo Ah. What burns me most with her isn't just her deceiving Jung Woo but purposefully hurting him. Because now we have three things, no four, that make a future with him impossible and at least three hinge on secrets and lies.

Jazmine: Gah! Soo Ah frustrated me the most during this episode. Just last time we talked I said how much I like her because she’s not that evil witch second female lead, but look at what’s she’s becoming. She’s a few lies away from being that character. I would have sympathized with her more if she kept her integrity, but now...not so much.

Tiara: Soo Ah... I genuinely wanted her to not turn into the typical brat. She cares enough for Jung Woo to help him through school, but it doesn’t render her the right to make a choice for Jung Woo. On top of her making the decisions, she lies to him about Ms. Mint. Basically, she’s turned herself into the villain of this story and it’s not going to end well.

Unnichan: Soo Ah became a villain last week, in my opinion, basically the same way Min Gyu did--- by keeping quiet. Then she continues by giving "friendly advice" that was both self-serving and deceptive. And how about what she said to Cheok Hee about the Sickly Wife case?

Jazmine: When Soo Ah lied to Jung Woo about Ms. Mint, I almost flipped the nearest table near me. I kinda understand why she wouldn’t want to tell Jung Woo (she still should have though) but when she told him that Ms. Mint died and the look on Jung Woo’s face...like how could she not have realized that she was hurting him more than anything else? She was being completely selfish and it just….bothered me.

Tiara: She’s attempting to cast a wedge between Cheok Hee and Jung Woo for sure. I’m betting Min Gyu will join her evil plans in due time. Now that I think about it, you’re right about Min Gyu being a villain for his silence about Jung Woo’s lack of a girlfriend. I'd totally forgotten about this. I’m really disappointed in Soo Ah for working hard to reach where she did with a set of morals and just throw them away like yesterday's trash because of a boy. No one is worth losing yourself too, and she’s ready to lie, steal, and cheat. At least, she realizes the villain, she’s become. I don’t see Jung Woo forgiving her over her lies. The most important lie being over Ms. Mint.

Unnichan: I have so many issues with everything Soo Ah has done I can hardly begin. But I think it was what she said to Cheok Hee about Jung Woo and his prowess as a lawyer, then had the gall to be upset when he won and also constructively destroying the relationship she does have with him by making choices she knows he will never respect and have a hard time forgiving. She talks about going after what she wants, like it justifies her motives and for someone who wants to be with a person with a strong moral compass and expects others to live that way as well, it's extremely hypocritical. As always, we have a character that has become worse than Cheok Hee on her worst day, solely based on intent.

Jazmine: Soo Ah is going to become consumed by going after what she wants and then she’s going to lose sight of it. I also don’t think Jung Woo will forgive her lying about Ms. Mint. Maybe he will, cause I see Jung Woo doing that but still. And I agree, Soo Ah is becoming the type of person Jung Woo doesn’t like, and when she realizes it, it’s going to be too late.

Tiara: I’m questioning Soo Ah’s feelings towards Jung Woo. Her actions towards Jung Woo after the trial was monstrous. Instead of being supportive to her friend, she put him down. The reason she was invested in finding Ms. Mint was for her own greed. At least Cheok Hee is upfront about her attitude, but I do think she’s become a softy since partnering with Jung Woo. Speaking of which, Jung Woo and Cheok Hee are a pretty fantastic team. They are both learning from each other and becoming better human beings. Their outlook on divorce is ever changing to be able to help their clients because divorce is the right choice or getting the couple the help they need. Jung Woo is new to being a lawyer, but he’s got his wingman to help him. Can you imagine what these two would be like together as lawyers?

Unnichan: I think you are absolutely right about Soo Ah and her Ms. Mint search. And now that she believes finding her won't get her what she desires, she kills the woman and strong arms Jung Woo into business with her in hopes of having him all to herself. It makes me think about the Faux Black Widow case and how trust is more important than the truth, because unfortunately the truth never rings true if you don't trust the source. Cheok Hee and Jung Woo have come to a steady stride with how they work together, even down to Cheok Hee understanding what he values and needs most as an attorney. I appreciate that even when he didn't want to be around her, they worked well together for their clients and even in her smallest actions, she was thinking of him and his success in the courtroom. I truly am impressed that she has remained a woman of her word in striving to change and work from the ground up. However, I will say, I was just a tad annoyed with the way she confronted Mi Ri.

Jazmine: Cheok Hee and Jung Woo are becoming a dream team and I love it!! When it comes to Cheok Hee and Mi Ri, I’m so intrigued by what Cheok Hee is trying to expose, but I am also so confused. I hope Cheok Hee isn’t grasping at straws because she feels guilty. Mi Ri doesn’t seem fazed at all. I hope there is something though, just for Cheok Hee’s sake.

Tiara: I’m not sure what Cheok Hee is thinking when it comes to Mi Ri. She wants to expose the truth of what happened three years ago, only putting her cards on the table isn’t smart. She doesn’t want to play dirty tricks like she did, as it cost her. It doesn’t seem like she knows where to start in proving what Mi Ri did. However, it does show how much Cheok Hee has grown as a character. She’s no longer the evil Chucky in nightmares.

Unnichan: Now that we've gotten a confirmation of good feelings (one of my favorites may I add), I suspect we will be zeroing in on the chaebol side of things and that will most likely shed more light on what Mi Ri is hiding. Min Gyu is connected with Mi Ri's ex-in laws and I'm positive there's plenty of juicy secrets and skeletons to be uncovered, not to mention more Ms. Mint shenanigans. My only concern is how this will inevitably affect the budding relationship between Jung Woo and Cheok Hee and if the ground they've covered, will stay paved or if they will find themselves battling again before it's all said and done.

Jazmine: Jung Woo and Cheok Hee have the potential to be one of those strong couples that will not let the actions or opinions shake their relationship. Or one of those shaky couples that let’s other people interfere with their relationship. I’m hoping it’s not the latter. Both of them have strong personalities that know what they want, but can be easily swayed by just circumstance and not facts. I’m just elated that Jung Woo finally confirmed Cheok Hee’s feelings. I’m hoping for cute interactions in the episode to come!

Tiara: The relationship between Jung Woo and Cheok Hee has a strong partnership and this can only get stronger with time. All I can say is, I don’t object to what is to come. One battle has been won, but the war has just gotten started.

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