Seoul University alum Kim Tae Hee shared her knowledge as an academic mentor. A Talk Concert was held on January 25th with approximately 200 high school and junior high school students attending. Kim Tae Hee shared her studying tips and gave advice to the students. Her three important tips are as follows: 1. Study at your own pace—She advised the students to find a study time most suited for themselves. 2. Never give up—She shared that she was able to get into Seoul University because she didn't give up on a subject she disliked (social studies). 3. The safest and the most stable career is to do what you love the most—When she entered college, she found that it was her fate to be an actress because it was what she loved more than anything. She added, "I hope you all choose a career field that comes to you like fate.” What do you think of Kim Tae Hee's encouraging words? (Source: