Even though IRIS 2 is her first action role, Lee Da Hae recently outperformed Jang Hyuk at a live ammunition shooting range, earning herself a score of 46 out of 50. Her score impressed the entire crew, and in particular her intimidating co-star, whose presence in the anticipated action drama has been compared to that of James Bond. Lee Da Hae is said to be training four to five hours a day for her role as Ji Soo Yeon in the action series, and evidently, her training is paying off. She remarked, "Until I joined IRIS 2, I always exercised by just following the direction of an instructor but now I’m regularly carrying out my physical regimen by myself. Ji Soo Yeon is a role that I believe can offer myself a lot of change and so I’m shooting the role with a happy heart.” Shooting the role, indeed! Did you have any idea Lee Da Hae was such an amazing markswoman? Does this make you even more excited about the series?