Stills of actor Joo Ji Hoon from the upcoming K-Drama Medical Top Team were recently released, and he looks so handsome! Joo Ji Hoon really is one of those guys who just keep getting better looking as they age. Ugh! Remember how gorgeous he was as Prince Shin in Goong?! Now look at him in these stills!

His face has filled out a bit giving him a healthy and manly look. His hair looks amazing, and usually I don’t like that whole clean cut “corporate” style, but it really fits him.

Imagine if he was actually a doctor! You’re sitting on the table in the exam room wearing a gown and trying to fight off the stupid sanitary paper under you because it’s sticking to the back of your thighs, and he comes walking in looking the way he does! Wouldn’t you just start making up symptoms just so you could spend as much time with him as possible?! Like, “Oh Dr. Joo my back hurts so bad and then there are these migraines I keep getting, and don’t even get me started on the cough I keep getting.” #WhateverItTakes

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KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE