Do you ever find yourself in the mood for an afternoon drink and have a sudden urge to get rid of painful childhood traumas, quit smoking or even revert to your former existence? We know just the place for you! Welcome to Tokyo Hypnosis Cafe Colors! Snuggled down an unassuming alley in Shinkuku Golden Gai in Tokyo, the Hypnosis Cafe is open from noon till 8pm and seats up to eight people at its counter. The menu serves alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages with additional items on the menu, such as: Basic Hypnosis ¥1,000 Diet Suggestion ¥2,000 Traumas Erasure ¥5,000 Stop Smoking Suggestion ¥2,000 Former Life Regression ¥15,000 The cafe, formerly known as the Hypnosis Cafe Chaos, has relocated from Sapporo to Tokyo this year. The venue's name intrigues customers by the power of hypnosis. Simple hypnosis is performed by an  expert who also plays the role of bartender and magician, and it's basically free,  but special techniques cost between ¥1000 ($12) and ¥50000 ($600). Sounds trippy, but I have got to admit that I'm mesmerized by the allure of a Hypnosis Cafe. Wouldn't that be a fun afternoon treat? Would you try it out? (Source: