Family holidays can be fun, boring, nerve wracking, or things to be avoided at all costs, mostly because family is, well … family. Every family has that one person who will not shut up. That one person who likes jellied cranberry sauce cut down the ridge lines molded from cans over the clearly superior compote. Maybe they put the football game on too loud, are perennially late, insist on green bean casserole, or pound back alcohol a little too freely. 

So we here at DramaFever decided to pick our Drama Family this year for Thanksgiving, or, more precisely, dear fans — you are. Each week, we will list some top picks, and your votes in the comments will choose who comes to our Drama Thanksgiving Dinner. The Monday after Thanksgiving, we will reveal who you picked. Votes will be counted on the article page and the Drama Fever Facebook page for five days after publication.

1. Yoon Joo Sang as Seon Woo-Kwan in Capital Scandal

Everyone has flaws. Let’s just get that out there right now. This dad deserves an invite because no matter how crazy or dangerous their rebel tendencies in WW2 Korea, he sticks behind his son and makes sure that the Occupying Authority don’t catch on to the fact that smuggling some scandalous pictures isn’t all that he is doing.

2. Ahn Suk Hwan as Gil Min Gyu in Big

Sure to bring your family a rock as a colorful centerpiece in for the Thanksgiving table, Min Gyu did not badger or second guess his daughter’s decisions but was there to help her move on during the painful upheavals of her romance to a strangely changed man.

3. Kang Nam Kil as Oh Gi Dong in Playful Kiss

This poor dad had a lot to cope with in his tenacious daughter, but he didn’t try to strong arm her into the boy and family noodle shop of his choice. He did his very best to make sure Oh Ha Ni was as grounded and prepared as a motherless girl could be. Plus, he’ll bring tasty, handmade noodles to the table. WAIT! Make that Kang Nam Kil as Jyong Kyu Han in Creating Destiny — an adoptive dad fighting for his daughter’s happiness?! I can’t pick!

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4. Choi Won Young as Yoon Jae Hoo in Heirs

The Heirs was so full of crazy messed up people that the functional ones stood out like a searchlight. Jae Hoo and Chan Young literally had the only healthy father/child relationship in that show and it was truly pleasing to seem him mentor Kim Won and Kim Tan into functionality.

5. Choi Il Hwa as Choi Il Do in Bride of the Century

Break out the kimchi and sweet potatoes! This dad just wants you to be happy with your sweet babboo. Not a ghost, a desperately crazy gold digger, or the seemingly split personality of his daughter in law will curb this dad’s gentle nature. Bonus points for being awesome at board games.

6. Kang Shin Il as Lee Ki Chan in Kimchi Family

This dad would bring a delicious dish of gourmet kimchi and bring resolution to long-hidden hurts. He is especially good with small children and would make sure they tried a new dish without whining.

OK, drama fans, who are you voting for? Comment away!