You know the wonderful thing about seeing your extended family during the holidays? Face-to-face K-drama proselytizing.  You aren't really going to watch the Seahawks beat the 49ers when you could be watching Lee Hong Ki in Modern Farmer, are you? You could introduce your family members to the mind-melting reality of Ramen Pops. Of course, that might give Aunt Mary an idea for next year's side dish. Your Aunt Mary might just be as awesome as these family members:

Lee Il Hwa as Yoon Hye Jung in Modern Farmer


It is a bold move to include someone on this list from a show that is not done airing yet, but the unalloyed kooky awesomeness of Hye Jung's character can not be denied.  Just don't let her bring a side dish to the Thanksgiving table.

Watch the latest on Modern Farmer:

Choi Jae Sung as Kang Do Shik in Kimchi Family.


If you ever need an uncle to keep the peace or let you cry on his shoulder, this here is your man! Do Shik will help in the kitchen, and his calm presence will radiate through the rest of the house.  If those troublesome family members start it up, all Uncle Do Shik has to do is stand and look at them, and trouble melts away.

Yoon Soo Sun and Sung Dong Il as Cha Min Sook and Ban Doo Hong in My Girl Friend is a Gumiho

 OK, We're cheating here.  Mea Culpa! But this awesome pair just can't be broken up. If you invite them to Thanksgiving, you will get to hear all about the "real action" of his latest movie or drama, and she might accidentally glue her pants to the floor. It's a win-win.

Nam Jeong Hee as Park Soon Bok in Bride of the Century.


This granny has gumption.  She'll whip up a fish stew, let your ex know he is not welcome, and can tell a heck of a family yarn — you just have to wait 14 episodes to hear it.

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