Last week we began our countdown to Thanksgiving by deciding which dad from a K-drama would grace our virtual Thanksgiving table. This week we are going to pick a mom. K dramas do love the evil moms, mom in laws and step moms don’t they? Still, we managed to cudgel our brains and choose some awesome moms to pick from. 

A reminder of the voting rules: Each week we will list some top picks, and your votes in the comments will choose who comes to our Drama Thanksgiving Dinner. The Monday after Thanksgiving, we will reveal who you picked. Votes will be counted on the article page and the Drama Fever Facebook page for five days after publication.

1." target="_blank">Kim Mi Kyung as Park Hee Nam in Heirs.


Let’s just bring the big guns in first shall we? Kim Mi Kyung nails every role given to her. She must be one of the hardest working women in K-drama-dom because every time you turn the corner, there she is laying out a great performance. As Hee Nam, the gravity of her sheer awesomeness managed pull Kim Tan’s mom towards her into the light of better parenting and out of hand-wringing pity. The icing on the cake? She does it all without speaking a word. No, voice overs don’t count. The only other good parent in this drama made our Dad list; there was no way she was going to miss the mom list.

Kim Yeo Jin  as Yoo Jung Hwa in" target="_blank">Angel Eyes.

Jung Hwa would make our list because of the warm supportive relationship with her son. Her place would be cemented by the caring way she took Soo Wan’s blindness in stride, giving her no chance for shy withdrawal but bringing her into the embrace of the family. But when she (SPOILERS!) gives her an incomparable gift? It would take dynamite to get her off this list. " target="_blank">Jung Hye Young as Hwang Geum Hee in " target="_blank">Playful Kiss.


Geum Hee inclusion on the list may be a bit polarizing. Her antics gave our hero no end of bother (blogging a cute nap picture anyone?) but there is no doubt that she loves her sons and her sons love her. Her endless delight in having a prospective daughter who could ruffle the feathers of her coolly logical son was infectious.

Song Ok Sook as Gong Man Ok in" target="_blank">Rooftop Prince.

Man Ok poured all her life and love into her two girls, it wasn’t her fault that one turned into a would be murderer. I tend to think it was Man Ok’s influence that pulled Se Na back from the brink of total heartlessness, and gilded the lily of Park Ha’s awesomeness.

Kim Sun Kyung as Choi Kyung in Monstar.


Missing except for in flashbacks for most of the series, nonetheless Choi Kyung stands out for an example of a good mother, making healthy choices, in the midst of a strained relationship with her daughter. When her daughter needs to pull away to deal with the death of her dad, mom makes a safe haven for her to run to. When her daughter heaps scorn and abuse on her, she accepts it until her daughter is mature enough to handle the truth. And the scene where she is grieving over her own loss? Well, let’s just say the room got dusty.

So, drama fans: what mom are you voting for?