We have already covered Dads and Moms. This week you get to vote for the perhaps the most important group of all — siblings. They were the ones in the trenches of the "kids' table" with you. 

Whether that was sitting at a card table snuggled up to the end of the family dining table open to all three leaves, or exiled all the way to the coffee table in the family room (because of aforesaid three leaves left the diner on the foot of the table sitting in that hall. Sometimes there is just no room.), the "kids' table" meant a sad dearth of gravy. They are also your rivals for the coveted turkey drumstick. There is no pantomiming Henry the Eighth if you don't get the drumstick. If you're not Henry the Eighth, you can't pretend that your cousin Marty is Sir Thomas More and charge him for treason.  If you don't charge him with treason, you can't steal his pumpkin pie as reparations due the crown. So, Siblings! 

Oh Yeah! The Rules: Each week we will list some top picks, and your votes in the comments will choose who comes to our Drama Thanksgiving Dinner. The Monday after Thanksgiving, we will reveal who you picked. Votes will be counted on the article page and the Drama Fever Facebook page for five days after publication.

1. Kim So Hyun as Eun Han Kyul in Suspicious Housekeeper

All the siblings in this were great, but Han Kyul took care of them when her mom died and her dad checked out. Although she pushed the line in an effort to get her dad engaged, Han Kyul had enough respect for herself to not get into boy trouble. In fact, she managed the typical K -drama love triangle with grace and verve in the midst of trying circumstances.

2. Park Ji Bin as Joo Hwang in Stars Falling From the Sky

When disaster struck, Pal Kang needed some time to pull up her big girl panties and get with the program. Lucky for the Jin siblings Joo Hwang was there to make it work and remind Pal Kang of the importance of family. Joo Hwang knew what Lilo and Stitch so eloquently said, "Ohana means family. Family means no one gets left behind."

3. Yoo Eun Mi as Choi Byul in Trot Lovers

Byul's best advocacy comes from Wendilynn, who reviewed Trot Lovers for DramaFever: "She was supportive, loving and trusted her big sister. When Joon Hyun tried to buy her with treats she let him buy them for her, but then she let him know she wasn't falling for it. He didn't get in her good graces until he defended her against bullying. She was her sister's biggest fan and was just adorable. And watching her cook with Joon Hyun was so freaking adorable. Their relationship was almost more cute to watch than his romance with the lead girl!"

4. Kim Hyun Joo as Joon Hee in Boys Over Flowers

Joon Hee would probably never sit at a kids' table, but the world needs older sisters who will chase you down a highway and beat some sense into you, then stand up for your right to love and marry the poor girl who stops all your pompous and prig-filled tendencies.

OK Drama fans! Who did I miss? Who is your favorite? Vote Now!