Throughout different areas of Seoul, you can now purchase cute and colorful socks from vending machines thanks to sock designer Hong Jung Mi. She’s the creator and designer of the sock brand "I Hate Monday" because she does indeed hate Mondays, and wanted something fun and cheerful to make her day a little brighter.

She didn’t originally plan to sell her socks in vending machines, but because opening her own sock shop was expensive and out of reach at the time, the vending machines were the next best option. After renting one machine proved successful, she rented a few more, placed them around different areas of Seoul, and even created a website!

Hong Jung Mi’s socks are really cute too! On the website she offers all sorts of styles like army patterns, stripes, paisley prints and she even has leggings! The price is really good too! For a pair of camo print socks its 5,000 won which is $4.50. A pair of leggings will cost you the same or double depending on the material.

So make to look out for an I Hate Monday sock vending machine the next time you're in Seoul! ^_^

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE