Personal Taste and Prosecutor Princess have both passed the halfway mark recently, and as they're the only two dramas I'm watching this season (Cinderella Sister being far too angsty and Oh My Lady being too fluffy), I thought I'd give you my take. The first four episodes of Personal Taste were horrible. The pacing was off (alternately too rushed and too slow), the editing was awful, and the dialogue felt token. Neither of the main actors seemed to have really connected with their characters - Son Ye Jin overacted and Lee Min Ho underacted, making their onscreen interactions boring and sometimes jarring. Imagine my astonishment then, when in episodes 5 and 6, the drama abruptly did an about face and actually become good! With all the same elements, it metamorphosed into an entirely different drama, the one I'd been expecting when I first started this star-driven, highly anticipated series. The director stepped up and the editing became much, much tighter, making the dialogue more natural and less forced, and giving the dramatic strengths of the leads room to shine through. Son Ye Jin and Lee Min Ho are both highly competent, even skilled actors. But neither is, in my opinion, truly cut out for comedy -  both began to own their characters only when they were allowed to drop the antagonism and combat of the first few episodes. Once an affectionate, teasing roommate relationship gradually came into play, Son Ye Jin and Lee Min Ho abruptly start having chemistry, and the drama really comes together. Prosecutor Princess, on the other hand, started out well and has only become more decidedly charming and addicting with each episode. I seem to have a penchant for well-acted, well-written dramas about lawyers which are doomed to mediocre or low ratings because of being marketed as lawyer dramas and having something about lawyers in the title - Lawyers of Korea and Partner being the other two examples. Prosecutor Princess has all the makings of a huge hit - screenwriter with a recent huge hit (Brilliant Legacy) under her title, two talented, beautiful, charismatic leads with great chemistry, snappy dialogue, likable secondary characters, and a (relatively) fast-moving, solid plot. Given that, I can only blame the poor marketing, the heavy competition in the form of Personal Taste, Cinderella Princess, and Oh My Lady as other currently-airing dramas, and the relatively unknown cast for Prosecutor Princess's middling ratings. Prosecutor Princess is every bit as addicting and well-written(though not as well-developed) as Brilliant Legacy, and in the hands of two already-made stars the likes of Han Hyo Joo and Lee Seung Gi it almost certainly would have been a huge hit. And yet, at the same time, I can't imagine anyone but Kim So Yeon and Park Shi Hoo - both skilled, rising actors - in their roles. The two are cast and matched to perfection, but it really is a pity that this had to be the drama which will probably assist them on their way to being huge stars rather than being the drama which solidifies their already-existing star status, as Brilliant Legacy did to some extent for Han Hyo Joo. Prosecutor Princess is bubbly and funny and has a nice blend of romance with mystery surrounding the male lead, and some really fantastic character building in Ma Hye Ri, Kim So Yeon's character - it's really fascinating watching her change over the course of this drama.  With the kicking in of angst in recent episodes between the OTP(main romantic pairing), it's become even more delicious recently, and the chemistry has kicked up another notch. I really can't recommend it enough. (I am also utterly sold on the writing talents of So Hyun Kyung, because while Brilliant Legacy and Prosecutor Princess share very few similarities overall, what they do have in common is an incredibly solid, well-written, consistent plot.