Recently, DramaFever was able to catch up with the amazing team responsible for subtitling the first 89 episodes of our popular variety show Running Man, the iSubs Squad. In an interview, the team told us about how they got into subtitling, who their favorite Running Man character is, and what their favorite episodes are.

What are your iSubs Squad names and what duties do you have for RM subs?

Allure: Subbing Administrator, typesetting editor, QCer

Corriah: Subbing Administrator

Estee: I started out as a translator and am now a Subbing Administrator; mainly translating and editing other translators’ work

Listmaker: General Administrator, Subbing Coordinator

What made you each want to work on Running Man?

Allure: I've been a fan of Family Outing and I missed Yoo Jae Suk and I was not ready to stop subbing. So I was excited to know that he's taken Running Man as his new project.

Corriah: I was a fan of Family Outing and heard Yoo Jae Suk & Kim Jong Kook were going to be on another show as well as Song Joong Ki. I looked forward to seeing them on another variety.

Estee: When I first started getting hooked to RM, iSUBS was one of the few, if not the only, subbing groups dedicated to subbing RM on a consistent basis. At that time, they were about 1or 2 episodes behind and I remember visiting the site to check out what was the hold up. I saw a recruitment announcement for translators and decided there wouldn't be any harm trying out and helping the process along and the rest is history. (:

Listmaker: Seeing how RM is followed and loved by a lot of people over the world, I wanted to be a part of the team to help spread RM.

How did you all get connected?

Allure: hkyo89, corriah, Jlophy and allure are the 4 original founders of iSUBS Subbing Squad and we were all in the subbing team of Ramen Soup Subs (RSS). When Running Man started, we got together and formed a subbing team for Running Man. Later, we merged with RSS bringing melijay on board. Estee has been the most active translator for iSUBS so we asked her to join as our subbing administrator.

Listmaker: I joined the iSUBS community not long after iSUBS was created, and then assisting with people via the forums, which led me to join the team at iSUBS

How long have you been subbing Running Man together?

From episode 1 in August 2010.

Who's your favorite character on Running Man?

Allure: Yoo Jae Suk

Corriah: It used to be Song Joong Ki but since his departure, I don’t have a favorite. They’re all awesome in their own way.

Estee: Gotta be The Ace, Song Ji Hyo! Girl Power FTW!!

Listmaker: Don't really have a favorite character; they're all enjoyable in various situations and personas they take on throughout the episodes.

What's your favorite episode or scene of Running Man?

Allure: Kim Byung Man episode, Episode 13 at SBS when Yoo Jae Suk won and Yoomes Bond episode.

Corriah: I don’t think I have a personal favorite. Episodes that show parts of Korea’s specialty foods are enjoyable. Some episodes that have stuck with me have been episode 1 with Lee Hyori, the Hip Hop special (ep. 59), and the return episodes of Choi Minsu’s grasshopper hunting (eps. 69 & 118).

Estee: Too many, really. Any episode where Ji Hyo wins is a favorite of mine. Probably for Family Outing nostalgia reasons, the very first episode with Lee Hyo Ri as one of the guests has my vote. Considering I was just randomly clicking around for videos to watch, the fact that the show hit so many right notes on its pilot episode was totally daebak.

Listmaker: Favorite episode is Episode 13. Having Yoo Jaesuk take on the Bruce Willis character for the first time and enduring the challenges and tasks was very entertaining. It was quite a suspenseful and enjoyable episode.

Do you work on any other projects besides Running Man?

Other than Family Outing, no, not at the moment.

Who else is in the iSubs Squad?

Allure: We also have a tech admin (Asperitas), Supermoderators, Moderators, and of course our translators, timers, and typesetters. All of whom have made great contribution to iSUBS.

Estee: I would say the true RM fans who have really stuck around due to ties struck up while subbing and exchanging our thoughts on various RM eps. I've personally met up with many iSUBS fans for RM events and even Korean concerts.

We really appreciate all the work our subtitlers at iSubs Squad do to bring us the joy of Running Man! Make sure to tune in HERE weekly to join in on the fun!