A homeless little puppy in India desperately needed someone to come to her rescue, and that someone ended up being a monkey who came out of nowhere and took matters into its own hands. According to reports out of New Delhi, the two are now inseparable.

When an adorable little puppy was spotted roaming the streets of New Delhi, the most anyone ever did was give it a little something to eat. But a rhesus macabre monkey who was watching from afar couldn't take it any longer, deciding to adopt the pup and take care of it as if it was one of its own. Not only will she feed it (with the help of generous passers-by who give the parent and child food), the monkey parent does everything in its powers to protect the puppy, even charging at other dogs who come too close for comfort. Their bond already seems unbreakable, their love unconditional. 

This puppy is going to grow up to be one special monkey.

Pure love

Everything will be fine

Lunch time

Get away from my child!

Time to go home little one

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