20130125_song_ji_hyo Actress Song Ji Hyo turns into a charismatic female detective in the upcoming movie, New World. Otherwise known for her role in Running Man, in the upcoming New World, Song Ji Hyo plays the part of Shin Woo, a detective with a stronger aura and voice than the other detectives, who solves crimes with pride and even puts her work over her life. Shin Woo is the only woman among powerful men. On Running Man, Song Ji Hyo appears energetic and bright. But through this movie, Song Ji Hyo will be showing a completely different and polarized personality from her initial Running Man image. An associate of the movie said that Song Ji Hyo was very enthusiastic about appearing in the movie after reading the script, and showed her affection towards the project by showing up to the set even when she was not scheduled to be there, to watch other actors work. New World will be released in theaters on February 21st. What do you guys think? Do you guys like the more lively Song Ji Hyo or charismatic Song Ji Hyo? (Source: www.naver.com)