header image   DramaFever Viewers, This week we suffered a severe outage that lasted two days and let down a lot of people. We want to say we’re sorry to each of you who logged on to DramaFever and were disappointed to get that ugly “Maintenance” screen. The timing of the outage was especially frustrating because it happened just as we were adding some really promising new series, ones that we know you’re eager to watch. For those of you interested in a technical explanation of why we went down, this is what happened: On Monday we released a new version of our site, as we do every few weeks to add new features and fix bugs. By Wednesday of this week, we noticed the site was responding slowly. After making several attempts to fix the problem by making adjustments to the database settings and our code, our Engineers decided that the best and quickest way to get back to 100% was to deploy a new database. This was our last resort because it required stopping the site entirely and taking it down for several hours.
Our new database allows us significant room for growth, is more efficient, and is faster and we are taking several concrete steps to prevent issues like this from happening in the future.
That’s the technical reason, but we know that DramaFever means more to you than simply a functioning website. You come to us for enriching and exciting entertainment from around the world. We’re very grateful to have such a supportive community, and we’re working hard each day to exceed your expectations. If you have a question about what happened or anything else, please don’t hesitate to write me at support@dramafever.com. Jeremy MacKechnie Community Support Manager