Girl group A Pink’s former member Hong Yoo Kyung, who left the group last month, is having a social media war with A Pink’s management company, A Cube Entertainment. To be more accurate, the conflict is between Hong Yoo Kyung’s father and A Cube Entertainment. Her father has been hinting on his social media site that there was a conspiracy within the management company.

These are what some of his recent posts say:

“If they had told us they’re sorry, I would have remained silent for the future of A Pink. But I guess I’ll have to reveal what had happened before we signed the agreement.”

“There were media rumors that Yoo Kyung is from a rich family, which made her worried a lot. But we still looked over it for the publicity of A Pink.”

“Even after the articles about Yoo Kyung’s drop out, the media was manipulated that she got all the benefits and ditched the group.”

Some netizens criticize the management company for its alleged abuse of Hong Yoo Kyung. On the other hand, some think that her father is too attached to his daughter and is just overreacting to the situation.

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