A Pink's agency has made an announcement that Yookyung is going to leave A Pink to continue her education.  Since the announcement was made following speculation that she entered Joongang University through special treatment under the status of debuting as an idol, there is a lot of buzz that Yookyung used her debut to get into a good university.

Yookyung comes from a wealthy Chaebol family, she was already under scrutiny as she was accused of buying her way into the idol group. Some netizens were upset at her departure because they felt that her privileged background allows to do anything she wants and change her mind easily because of her family's wealth. Some netizens said "Well since she's from a Chaebol family, I bet this celebrity gig was just a hobby for her." Some were a bit mean: "The ridiculous part of this all is that there were kids last year who studied their butts off and still couldn't get in because of her. Is she trying to show off her money? She doesn't even have a face pretty enough to be a singer ㅡㅡ" And then there were the sarcastic netizens, making comments like "Now now kids, in order to get into college, you have to study to become a celebrity, not for the college entrance exam."

Do you think netizens are being too harsh on Yookyung for choosing to focus on her education? Or do you think idols are abusing their status for special treatment like this?

(Source: www.netizensbuzz.blogspot.com)