A girl in Korea actually took her plastic surgery dreams to a super model level and transformed herself into Miranda Kerr. The show Martian Virus which explores the lives of the unique and odd (like the guy who married his pillow and the rumored girlfriend of INFINITE’s L who has only eaten chocolate for the last 6 years), has once again shocked us all with its latest guest.

This girl actually went under the knife to look like super model Miranda Kerr! She claims before she even got plastic surgery, people already thought she had it done. Her surgery procedures included only her eyes and her nose and to be honest I think she looks cute. She doesn’t look like Miranda Kerr even though she tried real hard by adding colored contacts, dying her hair and doing her make up to match.

Personally I don’t see anything wrong with what she did. Plastic surgery is just another way to change your look like getting a new haircut or losing weight. Most often people who seek makeovers will often turn to the images of those they can not only identify with on some level, but find to be really attractive. So for this girl it was Miranda Kerr and even though she doesn’t look anything like the model, she sure looks cute trying!