The popularity of Tomorrow's Cantabile, starring Joo Won and Shim Eun Kyung, reminds us that there are many lovable dramas with classical music weaving a beautiful romance for our hearts and minds. Here is a new pocket guide for your easy access to 8 of these awesome dramas on DramaFever.

Long after the dramas have finished, the music continues to linger in our minds and soothe our souls. That's the power of enchanting music and passionate love.  

The first four in this guide are a quartet of romances in renowned director Yoon Seok Ho's Four Seasons series, which is famous for helping to launch the Korean Wave.

#1 Autumn In My Heart (2000) - Can Song Seung Hun and Song Hye Gyo overcome tragic circumstances in life to be united in love? 

#2 Winter Sonata (2002) - Starring Bae Yong Jun and Choi Ji Woo, Winter Sonata is one of the all time most popular romance dramas in Korea, and it became the first hit Korean drama in Japan. 

#3 Summer Scent (2003) - Song Seung Hun and Son Ye Jin are connected inextricably when their hearts find each other. Is it fate or is it true love?

#4 Spring Waltz (2006) - This drama is actually one of my personal all-time favorites. Very handsome Seo Do Young plays an aloof pianist who does not realize Han Hyo Joo is the long-separated love of his life. 

#5  Beethoven Virus (2008) - Kim Myung Min plays a conductor who competes with Jang Geun Suk the trumpet player for the love of the same woman. (Okay, fans will definitely pick Jang, but the show may have another idea.)

#6 Autumn's Concerto (2009) - Vanness Wu of Meteor Garden (Taiwan's Boys Over Flowers) fame falls for Ady An, but the lovebirds are then forced to separate. How will they break through misunderstandings to find each other again?

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#7 Secret Love Affair (2014) - Yoo Ah In plays a piano prodigy who starts a sizzling secret love affair with Kim Hee Ae. Their fiery passion sets off a series of tumultuous consequences. Kim Hee Ae who won a Best Actress award for her performance.

#8 Tomorrow's CantabileJoo Won has enthralled us as a musical virtuoso who is equally adept with his fingers at the keyboard and conducting in front of the orchestra.  Let's watch and see whether Shim Eun Kyung can finally capture his heart in this live-action adaption of a popular Japanese manga populated with many lovable young musicians in the cast.

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Have you tried any of these dramas with classical music in the theme? Bookmark this post so that you can find the shows easily.