The final episode of A Poem A Day aired last Tuesday. In case you still can’t get more of this sitcom-like “co-medical” drama, actress Lee Yoo Bi shared her parting thoughts in an interview with News1 on Tuesday.

‘A Poem A Day’ was Yoo Bi’s first K-drama since the 2015 drama The Scholar Who Walks the Night, and a lighter web drama Somehow 18 of last summer. “Although the ratings were a flop, ‘A Poem A Day’ was a turning point for me,” Yu Bi said, adding that she’d learned a ton from her character Woo Bo Young. She elaborated, “Bo Young is so cheerful that I received a lot of positive energy from her … I liked how she dived into work and love without reservation.”

While comparing her personality to Bo Young’s, Yu Bi said, “I tend to dive into work and love head first as well. When Bo Young is going through tough times, she reads poetry to feel better. I’m pretty simple minded like her when it comes to overcoming struggles.”

Throughout the show, some fans rooted for Bo Young and Ye Jae Wook (Lee Joon Hyuk), while others hoped to see her with the second male lead Shin Min Ho (Jang Dong Yoon of School 2017). “It was so nice working with both. Joon Hyuk oppa is really caring, and he helped me a lot. Dong Yoon is new to acting. I wish I’d done more to care for him,” she said.

Like many fans have predicted, Bo Young ended up with Jae Wook. “Ye Jae Wook was the only person who recognized Bo Young’s efforts,” Yu Bi said on their on-screen romance. Yu Bi went further to say she’d fall for someone like Ye Jae Wook in real life. “He seems cold headed, but once you get to know him, he’s warm and caring, which is why I think Bo Young was drawn into him. Actually, someone who’s mature and caring like Ye Jae Wook is my ideal type.”

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