by KrisE:
You all know what I’m referring to right? I mean you’re not sitting there drooling over certain actors and Idols thinking they were born with those perfect jaw lines and noses riiight? If you were Oops! Totally didn’t mean to burst your bubble and make you aware of the infestation of plastic swimming in the sea that is the South Korean Entertainment Industry. But whatever! I’m not focusing on that non-sense; but more so the beautiful results of it. Honestly while watching K-Dramas and K-Pop music videos I noticed an odd pattern with regards to which guys I found myself being most attracted to. Don’t get me wrong I find about uhh umm 95%…ok 98% of the K-Drama actors and Idols hot; but there were just certain guys who would capture my attention more so than others. These guys were what I mentally categorized as “Plastic Princes”. The definition is as follows…
Plastic Prince: A male K-Drama Actor or K-Pop Idol who has undergone Plastic Surgery which has resulted in not only Un-Earthly good looks; but also an extremely fake and or “plastic” appearance. Examples include but are not limited to; Jung il Woo (Flower Boy Ramen Shop), Kim Jaejoong (Protect the Boss), and Kim Hyun Joong (BOF & Playful Kiss).

Yup, all three of them have gone under the knife and have achieved extremely beautiful noses that give them a total model worthy side profile. Not only do they bow down to the BB Cream; but because of their “adjustments” they have extremely symmetrical and visually appealing features that cause me to gawk at them in complete awe. So what I’ve realized is I totally prefer that EXTREME PLASTIC LOOK! I know right?! As if my longing for a Love Triangle wasn’t bad enough here I am admitting the more plastic the guy looks, the better. I just can’t help it and I don’t care because I’m totally secure enough to be with a guy prettier than me! I told you all I was shallow and trying to recover, but K-Dramas and K-Pop will not allow me to escape the Beautiful Side! What totally pushed me over the edge was freakin “Flower Boy Ramen Shop”! After 16 episodes of eye-gasmic images of Jung il Woo on my laptop I completely lost it!

I was like “O.M.G I WANT AN ASIAN GUY WITH NOTICEABLE PLASTIC SURGERY BECAUSE IT’S THE SEXIEST LOOK NEXT TO BABY PINK FAUX FUR AND MATCHING PINK MULTI GLITTER HEELS!!!(Gasps for air)” Perfect nose, defined jaw, high cheek bones, those lips, the hair cut…it was just too much of a visual overload for me to handle and that’s when I said it out loud…
So yah! Well then, am I by any chance the only one loving this kind of look? 0_o
Like Plastic Princes? Or do you prefer the Human Look?
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