Lee Na Young, a revered actress for 2002 cult classic Ruler of Your Own World and 2003 hit film Please Teach Me English, heads an all-star cast that includes Hyun Bin (My Lovely Sam Soon), Kim Min Joon (Tazza, Friend Our Legend) and Kim Min Jung (New Heart, Fashion 70s) in this Korean drama with a difference. Ireland relies on few, if any, of the traditional drama tropes, but instead achieves cult-classic appeal through its raw character portrayals, resonant writing, and psychological depth. Character and conversation driven, it's a bittersweet story of love, destiny, and family. Adopted into an Irish family as a child and raised in Ireland, Lee Jung Ah (played by Lee Na Young) is devastated when her entire family is suddenly killed after her brother becomes involved with terrorists. Racked by guilt, she decides to journey to her homeland, Korea, to search for her real family. She quickly meets Kang Guk (Hyun Bin), a kind, solitary bodyguard who offers to help her in her quest. Jae Bok (Kim Min Joon), meanwhile, Jung Ah's older brother, has grown up to be an intelligent but lazy slacker who lives with his parents. He drifts by in life until he meets Han Shi Yeon (Kim Min Jung), a woman who works as a soft porn actress to support her family. He is determined to help her. One day, crossing the street, he's almost hit by a truck, and Jung Ah saves him. Both go on with their lives after this accidental encounter, not realizing the other's identity, but this chance meeting on the street will everything. The four broken people begin to heal and repair themselves, but Joong Ah and Jae Bok encounter each other again at a hospital some time later, and are inexplicably drawn to each other. This relationship will change all their lives... Watch IRELAND now on DramaFever!