Six love stories make up Beating Heart, an experimental drama which seeks to answer the question "When did you feel your heart beating the hardest?" Six chapters, each made up of two episodes and created by a different writer-director team, explore the most significant moments and turning points of the individuals within one family. From love to sorrow to joy, the emotions covered ran the gamut of possibilities. Bae Doo Na (God of Study, How to Meet a Perfect Neighbor), drama veterans Bae Jong Ok and Kim Chang Wan, and child star Go Ah Sung (God of Study) star as the family in question. Bae Doo Na (as Bae Doo Na), at 29, has no plans to fall in love again after her marriage at a younger age ends in disaster. She fell in love with an art student who married her in a fit of pique having just broken up with his girlfriend, and by the time Doo Na realized that he never really loved her, he had already left, only three months into their marriage. Doo Na swore to never fall in love again, and it is only with the help of her family that she's able to get back on her feet and find a job at a record store. When kind, conservative businessman Kang Seong-jae (Kim Dong Wan) is drawn to the music she plays at the store, however, she finds her heart unexpectedly waking again. But will Seong-jae, who loves her enough to consider marriage, be able to deal with her past? Doo Nah's mother (Bae Jong Ok), meanwhile, is a sensible but hot-tempered woman who fell in love with her husband despite his naivete, and now finds herself something of a nagging wife. Kim Chan Wan (playing himself), her husband, is a childlike but unfailingly kind man whose only regret in life is giving up the music career he was pursuing in college in favor of a family. The drama looks at the choices and inner emotions of these four very different people as they face turning points in their lives. Watch Beating Heart on DramaFever!