Many times we feel powerless when tragedy strikes, but we continue to live and to work because there is always hope for a better day. In the aftermath of the terrible crash of Malaysian Airlines flight 17, a photo was published showing charred postcards among the scattered items strewn at the site. It is actually a sliver of positive news that could, perhaps, bring a little cheer or even solace to your day.

A news report showed a postcard written in Chinese that was addressed to a Mr. Tsai in Taiwan. The sender wrote about his or her trip in the Netherlands. When the photo was first published, there was still a lot of confusion of which nationals were on that flight, so people in Taiwan thought maybe a Taiwanese national was on board the doomed flight.

As it turned out, the postcard was written by the fiancee of Mr. Tsai while she was traveling and passing through the Dutch airport. She mailed the postcard at the airport and took another flight.

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Mr. Tsai declined to meet the reporters, but through LINE messages, he said that because of this tragic event, he's impressed by the power of kismet, or fate, especially during uncertain times. He and his fiancee are cherishing their love for each other more, and they are getting married in early August.

As the recovery and investigation operations continue with flight MH17, we wish to offer our sincere condolences to the victims' families and loved ones.