He is only 23 and he's the hottest guy in the room — Lee Seung Hwan, from South Korea, is the new Mister International 2018. Would you like to meet him?

First, the tense moment when he finds out who won!

(The special Mister Internationall event was held on April 30, at National Theater of Yangon in Yangon, Myanmar.)

Now, let's get a closer look! (Get your shades on.)

The man endowed with such fabulous looks and physique is actually very soft-spoken and humble. You can see for yourself in this video:

His bio, according to Mister International, states: "A winter sports lover, he’s into skiing and snowboarding. Presently, SeungHwan is studying Sports Rehabilitation at University and hopes to be a professor in Sports Rehabilitation or Sports Science. While growing up, SeungHwan was very introverted as a kid. So he decided to change that by participating in all kinds of sports and even winning many medals as a national sprinter in Middle School."

In other words, Lee Seung Hwan is an everyday guy. You just might meet him at a university or a sports rehabilitation center. It proves, once again, that there are many hot guys who aren't actors or entertainers. They could be right around you in the real world. No wonder reality dating shows are popular.

(He looks cute in hanbok too!)

Congratulations to Lee Seung Hwan!

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