A young man wants to tell his injured friend, "I love your heart, and I'll keep on liking you." The Color Play Asia event held at a water park near Taipei, Taiwan, was supposed to give young people a fun summer night. It would end up with a tragic fiery explosion where 498 people were injured. Hopefully this one inspiring story will give cheers and encouragement as we send our best wishes to the victims and their loved ones.

On the night of June 27, a huge crowd went to the Color Play Party held inside the Formosa Fun Coast water park in New Taipei City, Taiwan. It was supposed to be an event full of music and dancing where multi-colored powder was sprayed to the crowd. When the heavy dust of cornstarch-based powder was somehow ignited into a flash fire, the crowd initially thought it was special effects. Ultimately, the fiery explosion would injure almost 500 people. The victims are mostly young people in their teens and twenties, and they suffered very serious burns.Two victims with burns over 90% of the body have passed away as of July 2. Many patients are still in intensive care fighting for their lives and will face a long road to recovery. 

From among the tragic incident came this little story of first love and missed opportunity.

A 19-year old man, Chen, finally got enough courage to ask a girl out. They were classmates in a vocational college. After graduation, Chen continued his study in a university while working part time. She found a job. They recently became closer. 

On the night of the party, they went to the water park with some friends. Chen planned to confess his feelings that night, but they ran into the horrible fiery accident.

The flash fire came on so suddenly that at first people thought it was special effects. In the chaotic aftermath, Chen wanted to find the girl but was pushed away by the crowd. Despite his burned feet and excruciating pain, he ran back but still couldn't find her. She was closer to the stage than he was when the fire started.

Chen would later find out he suffered a 20 to 30% burn below his knees. At the water park, however, he refused to get into the ambulance until he was told his friend was already taken to the hospital. 

Reportedly the girl suffered serious injures to her face and body. Although they were sent to the same hospital, Chen cannot visit her yet because she is still in intensive care.

Chen said he doesn't care about the face. He loves her heart. He won't change his mind about liking her.

Among the stories of broken dreams and sad tears, there are also stories of bravery and courage, such as those who were seriously injured but still tried to save their friends, or the medical professionals who stopped whatever they were doing to rush to the hospitals to assist the patients, as well as the injured who are fighting hard to recover.

We hope this one touching story will give some cheers and encouragement, as we convey our best wishes to the injured and their loved ones.

~ NancyZdramaland

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(For privacy reasons, we are not using the full names and photos of Chen and his friend.)

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