Rush hour is always crowded with zooming motorists in the busy metropolitan city of Taipei, Taiwan, but if you are determined to win the heart of the woman you love, then you will not be stopped by anything, least of which rush-hour traffic, will you?

A man named Lin Shi-Jie stopped all morning traffic under the Taipei Bridge on November 12. Holding a bouquet of fresh flowers, he met his love interest in the middle of the intersection, kneeled down, and proposed to her, again!

It turned out that they were already married for 15 years. Lin wanted to renew the romantic excitement they enjoyed in the beginning and decided to propose again. His action was witnessed by probably hundreds of motorcycle commuters.

As the traffic light was about to change from red to green, his wife finally said yes. It took right around 100 seconds. This photo was taken by his friend to commemorate the event.

Lin said, "Even if we are an old man and wife, we should not forget that feeling of tingling flutter when we fell in love." Unlike the saying "marriage is the grave of love," Lin's advice is to take care to manage a marriage and never take the other one for granted.

He's definitely a keeper!