Yesterday, we brought you the sad news that EunB of Ladies' Code had been killed in a tragic car accident. In honor of her wake on September 5, here is a tribute to the talented 21-year-old (22 in Korean age) singer:

Fans have shown a global demonstration of support, with the hashtags #RIPEunB and #PrayforLadiesCode trending worldwide. The Ladies' Code song "I'm Fine Thank You" also rocketed to the #1 spot on Korea's real-time charts, reportedly fulfilling one of EunB's dreams. To celebrate the music that EunB loved, here is Ladies' Code's song "I'm Fine Thank You," as well as "Pretty Pretty," one of their most popular songs.

In Korea, there has been an outpouring of sorrow and support for EunB and her fellow Ladies' Code members. Many celebrities have taken to Twitter to express their condolences. Here are just a few of the many responses:

Suzy (Miss A): I offer my deepest condolences. My heart is aching for them.. I will pray for the fast recovery of the others involved in the accident.

Gyuri (KARA): How can this happen .. I respectfully send my condolences.. Please let Sojung and RiSe recover safely... Please pray for them, everyone.

Jo Kown (2AM): It is extremely heart wrenching news. She was starting the rest of her life at the age of full bloom.. I will be praying wherever I go. I offer my deepest condolences. I pray that the other members and staff may recover soon.

Taeil (Block B):Just a few hours ago, I greeted her… It’s scary too and so regretful. We pray for her and offer our deepest condolences. We hope the others injured will have a fast recovery.

Jaehyo (Block B): I promised to buy her a cake as she kept showing off that tomorrow is her birthday. My heart hurts from remembering the image of her back view as she walked towards her car. I read that Rise is now out of surgery and that Sojung has gained consciousness. Please pray for them and that they will recover soon.

Eric Nam: Heartbreaking news this morning. Thoughts and prayers go out to ladies code. Please keep the ladies and their families in your prayers.

Mad Clown: I offer my deepest condolences to Eunbi, who has passed away in such a tragic manner.. I didn’t know her personally but I have greeted her before during promotions backstage.. Ah, my heart hurts a lot this [accident] is really sad..

Ryeowook (Super Junior): She was a pretty hoobae who greeted others brightly.. My heart hurts. Please pray for EunB. i respectfully send my condolences. The members beside her must be having the most difficult time. Please encourage them. /The managers are suffering to carry out many schedules even right now. I ask for safe driving.

Rap Monster (BTS): This is Rap Monster. I respectfully express my condolences. They were colleagues I saw often because our promotions always overlapped, and they were always passionate and beautiful people. I sincerely hope that those in the hospital will recover as soon as possible. We will likewise pray.

Jiwon (SPICA): A sudden event that has hurt those who had pursued their dreams together…My heart hurts (I am sad)….Eunbi rest in peace…Rise, I pray that her surgery goes safely (smoothly)…please…please

Sojung has reportedly stabilized after her surgery, but RiSe still remains in intensive care. We will continue to update the story as new information becomes available. In the meantime, we also send our support and well wishes to the members of Ladies' Code, as well as their families and loved ones. EunB will be missed.