In an upcoming episode of The Woman Who Married Three Times, Ha Suk Jin, who plays the character Kim Joon Goo, takes a brooding swim during which he contemplates his complicated relationship as the the second husband of Oh Eun-soo (Lee Ji Ah). The real impact of this scene, however, is that it serves as a reminder of just how amazing Ha Suk Jin's chocolate abs are. Here's a little tribute, lest you forget:

This may quite possibly be the best part of The Woman Who Married Three Times so far:

But let's not neglect the other times his abs were simply perfection, like in this photo shoot for Calvin Klein:

Or this photo shoot for Cosmopolitan:

Or these ones from the catwalk where you can only kind of see his abs, but that's ok because his arms...

Or these ones from I don't even know what, but does that even matter?

No, I think not.

Bless you Ha Suk Jin, and may your chocolate abs live a long and prosperous life!

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