GiantThree siblings seek revenge in this gripping ratings giant. Giant is a superb historical drama that ably captures the tensions and shifting moods of 1970s Korea. Lee Bum Soo (On AirSurgeon Bong Dal Hee), Park Jin Hee (The Woman Who Still Wants to Marry) and breakout star Hwang Jung Eum (High Kick through the Roof), turn in riveting performances in this ensemble drama about the dreams, hopes, and sufferings of a group of individuals. Giant broke 40% ratings over the course of its run. The story focuses on three siblings: Lee Kang Mo (played by Lee Bum Soo), his older brother Sung Mo (Park Sang Min), and younger sister Mi Joo (Hwang Jung Eum). When their father is killed in a smuggling scheme and their mother dies soon after, the three are separated. Kang Mo is raised by Hwang Tae Sub (Lee Duk Hwa), who unbenknownst to him is responsible for his father's death. He's drawn to Hwang Tae Sub's daughter Hwang Jung Yeon (Park Jin Hee). Meanwhile, older brother Sung Mo becomes an agent for the Korean Intelligence Agency under the tutelage of Jo Pil-Yeon, who also had a hand in their father's death. Sang Mo locates Kang Mo and Mi Joo, and Sang Mo begins investigating their father's death. As terrible secrets are revealed, however, Kang Mo and his love Jung Yeon are torn apart, and Sang Mo pays a terrible price for uncovering the truth about their father's death. Mi Joo, having fallen for businessman Lee Mi-Joo (Joo Sang Wook), who is also involved with Hwang Tae Sub, flees and makes her own way, becoming a famous singer. When she returns, she's determined to get revenge on the man who abandoned her, and the three siblings set out to bring down those who took everything away from them. Click to watch Giant online at DramaFever.