Sad news K-pop fans: It has been confirmed that Nichkhun of 2PM and Tiffany of Girls' Generation have ended their relationship of almost a year and a half.

TV Report confirmed that both SM Entertainment and JYP Entertainment have released official statements confirming that the adorable couple are indeed broken up. Whether it was their hectic schedules or other difficulties that resulted in the idols' decision to end their relationship, hopefully Nichkhun and Tiffany are happy. They both are extremely talented and have bright futures ahead of them.

In appreciation of their beautiful love, here are 7 photos of the couple to remind us how wonderful they were together. 

Note: Some of the photographs are fan-made, but it's still a reminder of how cute these two were as a pair!








Good luck to Nichkhun and Tiffany. Hopefully they will both be happy!

2PM and Girls' Generation are both scheduled for June comeback,s so hopefully fans can support the idols and their groups!

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