Directed by the producer-director behind classic drama The Legend, this cult hit showcases a cast of rising young stars. Seo Woo, who recently solidified her star status with Cinderella's Sister and can also be seen in The Housemaid, won two acting awards for this, her first leading role. Im Joo Hwan, coming off a minor but attention-grabbing role in Boys Over Flowers, also turns in an impressive performance. French model and actor Pierre Deporte co-stars in an unusual but successful bit of casting as an English castaway. Part historical comedy, part romance, Tamra the Island features both offbeat humor and stunning, fairy-tale like romance shot against the backdrop of beautiful Jeju Island. Quirky, endearing, and lovely, it won itself an impassioned fanbase. Based on a manwha of the same name, Tamra the Island is inspired by the story of a Dutch explorer, Hendrik Hamel, who was shipwrecked on Jeju in the mid 17th century. In the 17th-century Joseon era, a young Englishman, William (played by Pierre Deporte) is shipwrecked on an isolated island called Tamra (known today as Jeju). Forced to deal with the quirky, fun-loving inhabitants, he quickly falls for Beo Jin (Seo Woo), a cheerful diver who dreams of escaping from her limited existence. Seemingly destined to carry on the ancestral tradition of diving, Beo Jin is drawn to William, who emobodies the outside world she hasn't seen. Meanwhile, Park Kyu, a noble exiled from the capital, also falls for Beo Jin, and clashes with William. Beo Jin will have to choose between the kind-hearted, innocent castaway, and the haughty, closed-off prince. All three, as they interact with each other and the other island inhabitants, learn what it means to grow up. Watch TAMRA THE ISLAND on DramaFever!