Seolhyun and her editor sister were fashion-forward for the September issue of Cosmopolitan Korea.

The Orage Marmalade actress was adorable when she posed in a gray wool dress, silver tank, and shiny flair skirt, and cranberry tank with black jeans for the latest photo shoot for the popular women's magazine. Also in the photos, her sister Kim Joo Hyun, who is a fashion editor for Cosmopolitan, is seen assisting Seolhyun at a fitting. Older sister was actually her stylist behind the scenes for the shoot,  and Seolhyun talked about working with her sibling in an exclusive interview with the publication.

“I felt like I wasn’t AOA’s Seol Hyun, but rather a younger sister pressured to show something spectacular, so I was even more nervous than usual, " the "Like A Cat" singer shared. "However, during the filming, as I heard my sister shout, ‘Good, Good, Good!’ I thought it was extremely hilarious and felt that I was really doing a good job. She helped me get rid of my nervousness.” 

Her sister did a great job styling her for the hip autumn photo shoot! What do you think about siblings teaming up for work?

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