It's one thing to film a steamy scene, but it's quite another to watch that scene for the first time with 500 fans sitting next to you. Well, that's what happened to on-screen lovers Aaron Yan and Tia Li who couldn't resist their longing for each other in the romance drama Fall In Love With Me.

Fall In Love With Me has been a big hit in Taiwan and it also has been among DramaFever's most popular Weekly Top 10 shows. In the most recent episode 16, Lu Tien Xing (Aaron) and Tao Le Si (Tia) have endured their love under so much turmoil that they decide to spend a day of fun together. It was actually a poignant time because Tien Xing is about to be married against his will to Huan Huan in exchange for protecting Tao Le Si.

As Tien Xing was sitting by the camp fire, Tia got scared by a snake (a live one placed there by the production staff) and jumped right into Aaron's half-naked lap. When they looked at each other, they couldn't resist their longing anymore and kissed deeply and passionately. The camera cuts away and the rest is left to our imagination. (It's actually still tame by our standards.)

What's next is quite a surprise as Aaron and Tia joined 500 fans to watch this episode together. Many movie stars have said that they don't watch their own movies, but Aaron and Tia were good sports and joined the unique and fun event.

The special event required attendees to be older than 18 years of age or to be accompanied by their parents. Beatrice Fang, who plays the mean fiance, Huan Huan, and Yun-Ching Li, who plays loyal Leo, also joined the viewing. When Huan Huan slapped Tao Le Si, everyone screamed and Aaron got up and pretended to hit Beatrice back to avenge Tia.

Fans particularly enjoyed seeing the close interaction between Aaron and Tia. Although some fans were upset in the beginning that Puff Guo was not co-staring with Aaron due to her busy schedule first with We Got Married, Global Edition and then with Love Myself Or You, now fans are happy to see Aaron and Tia having great chemistry, and there is definitely a lot of 'skinship' both on and off the screen.

(photo credit to fan Bear Bu)

The lovebirds still face tremendous backlash because someone secretly took photos of their intimate kisses. Be sure to catch up with Fall In Love With Me and sign up for alerts for upcoming episodes HERE.