We just discovered a really cute and playful scene between Fall In Love With Me stars Aaron Yan and Tia Li that we'd like to share immediately. The delightful scene is from a behind-the-scenes segment for episode 18 and on the occasion of Chinese Valentine's Day.

The group of young actors from Fall In Love With Me were playing games by drawing a challenge. Aaron and Tia were supposed to demonstrate how to eat a strawberry stick together. Yes, ONE strawberry stick.

Here, starting at minute 5:30 on the video, you'll see how they do it.

The first try didn't work, but I love the way Aaron looks at Tia.

Second try:

Were the lips not supposed to touch? They look embarrassed. I wonder why.

Here's Aaron and Tia wishing us a Happy Chinese Valentine's Day:

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The entire behind-the-scene segment is quite fun to watch. In the meantime, Fall In Love With Me's latest episode 19 is available on DramaFever now:

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The series will conclude with 20 episodes.