It's the season for new graduates! Celebrities and VIPs are often invited to give speeches at graduation ceremonies. The popular singer-actor Aaron Yan from Taiwanese dramas such as Just You and Refresh Man actually wrote an open letter to this year's graduates. What are the top 5 advice from Aaron Yan?

Aaron Yan tends to write passionate and opinionated posts to his FB about many topics beyond entertainment and dramas. His recent long letter to new graduates begins with the following greeting.

"To This Year's Graduates: Sorry I cannot record a message for you individually, but I'd like to give you my most sincere wishes."

He goes on to share some advice based on his own experiences. Here are the top 5 advice condensed from his long post.

1. Graduation is simply closing one chapter to begin a new one. That's how life continues on. Many people may not have decided what their goal or target is yet. That's alright. Don't give yourself too much pressure. You can try different directions, and whatever you try now doesn't have to be the final decision. The most important is to develop your own interest and dream.

2. Take baby steps to make sure you progress solidly as you advance. This is the way to build a strong foundation to support yourself and help you overcome obstacles.

3. Getting rich should not be your goal, or you'd be blinded by get-rich schemes and forget to pursue your real interests. Your real wealth will be the experience and intrinsic worth you gain as you progress in life, without which, even if you are suddenly rich, you'll just meet shallow friends and untrue love.

4. Also, do not be boxed in by the conventional definition of time. That a year is divided into 365 days and a day into 24 hours is simply a convenience devised by humans. Go beyond the shackles and pressures of chasing time, and you can be fearless in pursuing your passion.

5. Be brave in dreaming big, be bold in realizing the dream, and think of challenges as special treats that nurture you for improvements. Kites and planes will fly higher and farther away against the wind. Always keep your passion and enthusiasm and live a wonderful life.

He closes the letter with a cheer of "Jia Yiu!", which is similar to "Step on it!" or "Fighting!"

He added a postscript to say, "Examination isn't everything and test score do not dictate someone's worth in life. Dedicate yourself to be the person that you want to be, and that's the ultimate rule in life."

Are you graduating or do you know someone who is graduating this year? 

What do you think about Aaron Yan's advice?

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