Aaron Yan's heart-tugging performance in the romantic comedy Fall In Love With Me has kept it at the top since its first episode. When a Taiwanese actor or performer gains popularity, very often a lucrative offer comes from mainland China, and most actors find it hard to refuse such an opportunity. But Aaron Yan has said no, and the reasons may surprise you. We also have a funny behind-the-scene video from a recent episode.

Taiwanese drama Fall In Love With Me's rising popularity with fans has gained notice, and the show is now licensed in Japan and South Korea. Aaron Yan is also getting lots of offers to do projects in China. Most actors and performers would find such an opportunity difficult to refuse because they would make more money and gain many more new fans in the most populous country in the world.

However, 27-year-old Aaron Yan has matured to become an independent-minded person ever since the days when he was the teenage and youngest member of the popular Mandopop boy band Fahrenheit. He's been in the entertainment industry for a long time and he definitely has transformed and grown to be a top-billing actor/singer. Therefore, it is actually not a surprise that Aaron turned down these new offers from mainland China. But the reasons he gave are very unusual.

Reason #1 is admirable: He wants to help Taiwan's entertainment industry. Well, he's right. With more and more talented performers taking up offers from the mainland, there are less of them to participate in Taiwan-based projects. Aaron says he can do more for Taiwan by staying in Taiwan, and he will still participate in promotional activities to meet with his fans in China.

Reason #2 is most endearing: He hasn't always been in the best of health. Now he follows a very carefully controlled diet for health and fitness, and his mother cooks for him. Therefore, he wants to stay living in Taiwan because he wants to continue to eat what his mother cooks!

Yes, fans, did you hear that? That saying about the shortest route to a man's heart is through his stomach is apparently a timeless sage advice. Get your Chinese cookbook out right now! Although judging from this photo, his healthy lunch looks pretty bland.

In the meantime, Aaron has another urgent issue at hand: When both his girlfriend and another girl are falling down the cliff, which one will he save first?

I am more and more impressed (and in love) with Aaron Yan as an actor. In last week's episode 10, he had to make a life-changing decision to embrace his heart's true love at a huge personal sacrifice. It was not an easy decision, to say the least. Although viewers knew all long about the premise of his two personas in the show, the final 'him' that emerged from his difficult decision was actually not simply the easygoing Xiao Lu, or only the enterprising Lu Tian Xing, but someone who had both personas' attributes. This is very difficult for an actor to portray, but Aaron did it. I was really moved when I watched his facial expressions that merged the two men.

Nevertheless, there are also funny moments in episode 10 that kept the hilarity in a romantic comedy. Here is a behind-the-scenes video that's subtitled in English. Enjoy!