Aaron Yan (Just You, Fall in Love with Me) was recently interviewed by a celebrity host in an online chat. When the subject turned to Aaron's face, he let her touch his nose to prove that it's real. She also looked closely at his eyes to find very thick eyelashes instead of eyeliner. Aaron then revealed a secret that he found out from his grandmother. 

Jesse Tang, the web-chat host, is a celebrity astrologer in Taiwan. The two have been friends and simply chatted away in an easygoing and candid manner that was full of laughter. They appeared to be directly broadcasting from Jesse's living room, and they answered viewers' questions.

When the question of Aaron's facial features came up, Aaron allowed Jesse to look at his lower eyelid, to clear up the speculation about using eyeliner. She checked and was impressed by his thick eyelashes.

Jesse also checked Aaron's nose. Aaron joking told her to hit it. She touched and squeezed it, and then exclaimed in amazement, "It's real! It's real!"

Aaron said it was all thanks to his mom for his all natural features. He then revealed something that he found out from his maternal grandmother. 

It turned out that he has 1/16th Dutch heritage, which explains his deeper facial features that have led to plastic-surgery speculations.

However, he also said looking handsome means he needs to work harder to prove his worth.

The chat on October 6 lasted about an hour and a half. Here is the original video, but unfortunately it is not subbed in English. However, the plastic surgery questions came up within the first 10 minutes.

Aaron was also asked about his upcoming plan to study abroad

Since Jesse is an astrologer, she did a forecast for Aaron's future, on the question of whether he will succeed in changing his professional focus. Aaron himself said that he didn't want to stay as an idol.

She said that there is a strong probability for a huge change, although it doesn't guarantee success. She also said it will be important for Aaron to pick up additional skills either in his existing profession or in money management.

Aaron revealed additional details for what he plans to study at UCLA. In addition to cinematic studies, he will also study English and directing.

He then drew a card to ask a secret question. Jesse interpreted as a victorious sign. Was it a good answer? Aaron said yes.

Many viewers posted encouragements to Aaron.

We also wish the best to Aaron! (We also hope for Aaron sightings in the US when he comes.)

In the meantime, Aaron's latest drama Refresh Man, co-starring Joanne Tseng, is currently on air at DramaFever:


Refresh Man - 後菜鳥的燦爛時代

Starring Aaron Yan and Joanne Tseng

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