Aaron Yan has given 70 toy lions to 'Just You' team members to show his appreciation and because his character's nickname is lion. What a sweet guy! He gave an even nicer gift to his co-star, Guo Xue Fu (Puff), on her birthday.

Although he plays an aloof boss in 'Just You,' Aaron is apparently very considerate and thoughtful in the gifts he chooses. Back in June, he found out it was Puff's birthday, so he surprised her with a birthday cake and an unusually large gift. Puff was indeed surprised. At first she thought it was a prank, and then she burst into happy tears when she realized how thoughtful Aaron was. She kept asking, "Really, this is for me?"

In the drama, everyone has an animal nickname. Aaron admits remembering Puff saying she likes gorillas, so he secretly placed an order to have an extra-large gorilla to be custom made for the surprise birthday gift. He teased Puff by saying, "You've been doing better at work, so the boss has to show appreciation."

Let's all take a deep breath and sigh!