Some fans will sigh a relief but others may be disappointed. Aaron Yan (Just You, Fall in Love with Me) previously announced that he was going to take time off to study abroad, but plans have changed. What happened?

In June this year, Aaron Yan stunned fans by announcing that he was taking time off to study abroad. During an online chat in mid-October, he was still talking about his plan to leave for UCLA by the end of October.

November arrived and is almost over, but Aaron is still in Taiwan. What happened?

When Aaron treated his fans to a special fanmeet, on November 19, to celebrate his 31st birthday on November 20, he explained the reason.

He was presented with a new drama that he couldn't refuse. 

Having been through some negative experiences, the popular actor has a requirement for any proposed new drama, that it needs to be a completed script with fully developed characters. He was assured that his requirement was the basic starting point. Apparently Aaron was impressed, and he has accepted the new project.

Aaron now plans to pursue his study in the US once he completes the new drama. So that's still good news for his American fans. We just have to be patient for a few more months.        

As for his birthday wish? 

"Peace in the world," said Aaron.      

Happy 31st Birthday, Aaron, and may your wish come true!                        

In the meantime, you can catch Aaron in his latest drama Refresh Man, co-starring Joanne Tseng, at DramaFever:


Refresh Man - 後菜鳥的燦爛時代

Starring Aaron Yan and Joanne Tseng

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