Big news! Popular Taiwanese singer-actor Aaron Yan (Just YouFall in Love with Me) just grabbed headline attention when he announced that he'll leave acting for a while. Fortunately, we're here to report the happy details.

Aaron Yan has just completed his most recent drama, Refresh Man, and he's made a surprise announcement.

After he finishes his next project, a drama co-starring Wallace Chung (Bounty Hunters,) he will take a break from his acting and singing activities.

The reason is that he wants to go back to school to improve himself, and he has decided to attend a university in the USA this fall! He already arranged with his agency to take off in October for at least three months.

Aaron said, "Instead of continuing to follow a difficult path, I'd rather find ways to improve myself. If I can really learn something, I think people will agree with me more."

Before he accepted the role in Refresh Man, Aaron admitted in an interview that he sometimes felt fatigued as a performer after ten years in the business and even wondered whether he was suited to be an actor. Now, he wants to learn more, saying, "Why not learn something I don't know? It may even broaden my perspective in acting. It'll definitely be better than foolishly trying random things." 

He also posted on Facebook for his concerned fans, "I hope to improve myself, and I also would encourage everyone to have the courage to follow your ideals to pursue whatever and whoever you like and want. It's as simple as that."

Where is Aaron going to be this fall?

Aaron said he'll be attending UCLA to take courses in cinema studies! Go Bruins!

Just like writers who sometimes run into a writer's block and need new inspiration, perhaps Aaron is going through something similar? The 29 year-old actor previously revealed that he had an interest in behind-the-scenes work. Whatever he decides to pursue, the future looks bright for the talented artist who has already established fame in singing and acting.

So lucky for his fans living in California. In particular, if you're on the UCLA campus this Fall, keep your eyes open for a handsome new student!

Are you excited for Aaron Yan and his new plans?


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