Iconoclastic Japanese filmmaker directed Nagisa Oshima died Tuesday afternoon of pneumonia. The director, acclaimed for such films as Empire Of Passion and In the Realm of Senses, had been suffering the effects of a stroke that first hit over a decade ago, and had spent the last few weeks of his life in and out of a Toyko hospital.  Talk show host Soichiro Tahara, who knew Oshima well, released a statement: 
“I was scared of him but he was also like a very supportive brother. He taught me many things, scolded me and yelled at me. But his words were always affectionate,” Tahara wrote. “Mr. Oshima did not care about taboo or compliance, not even a bit. He said what he wanted to say, what he had to say. It’s hard to find a person like him anymore."
(Source: www.entertainment.time.com)