It's not only ladies that appreciate the physical beauty of male Kpop idols — not surprisingly, guys do too. Read on to find out which pop stars are considered the best looking, as selected by Korean men.

Male and female Korean celebrities are practically worshipped by their fans, who adore them for their performances, personalities, and of course, their striking good looks. In the world of K-pop, hundreds (if not thousands) of idols do everything in their power to stand out, which includes dedicating themselves to looking their very best at all times, as they are constantly in the public eye. Looking good is essential for success as an entertainer, and this attention to their physical appearance is appreciated by fans of both sexes, especially in Korea, where the people's obsession with beauty can get quite serious.

So which idols do the men in Korea think are the hottest?

1. Mino from WINNER

2. Youngjae from B.A.P

3. EXO's Suho

4. Jin from BTS


6. Block B's B-Bomb

7. Yoon Doo Joon from BEAST


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