Every commercial should be taken with a grain of salt, but this one is seriously hard to watch. A Chinese matchmaking and dating site's recent commercial sends this pretty manipulative message to women: You should get married soon or your dying grandma will be very upset. Oh, and don't be all picky about it.

The site is called Baihe.com, and the commercial follows a young, beautiful woman's visits with her grandmother, beginning with her graduation day. Every time the woman goes to see her grandmother, she asks if she is married yet, and as the commercial progresses, the grandmother gets sicker and sicker until she is basically on her deathbed. The woman then decides to stop being picky with men because she just needs to hurry up and get married.

The ad then tops it off by using the catchphrase, "Because of Love, Do Not Wait." Of course, many netizens have taken offense at this ad, and some are saying on Sina Weibo (China's version of Twitter) that the commercial is, "hijacking personal sentiments with filial piety."

Do you think this commercial is a cheap ploy that takes advantage of cultural pressure on women to marry, or fair game for advertising?

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