Actor Chris Evans has been spotted filming a commercial in Taiwan. Taiwan's TVBS excitedly reported that the Captain America and Avengers actor was sighted in the abandoned Keelung Shipyard in northeastern Taiwan. Check out the photos and the exclusive news report from TVBS.

Photos from TVBS showed that Chirs Evans was wearing military gear in camouflage pants and wielding an assault rifle, and the scenes were action packed, including explosions.

The following video is the exclusive report from TVBS. (It is in Chinese.) The reporter said that the filming was very secretive as a two-story tall screen was raised to cover the filming site, and there were 4 to 5 workers patrolling the outer perimeter. There were also 10 tents and many minivans parked next to the working site. All that's known about the filming is that it is a commercial for a Chinese gaming company. The location is at the Keelung Shipyard, which has been abandoned for over 20 years and is a popular filming site for movies and MVs because of its unique atmosphere, and it's free to film there.

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TVBS also said that Chris Evans was staying at the Presidential suite of the 6-star Mandarin Oriental Taipei hotel. With 60 members in the crew including security, the reporter was impressed by the Hollywood actor's A-list treatment in Taiwan.