Go Soo SBS released a preview for Empire of Gold. The video clip is about 40 seconds long, and instead of focusing on character descriptions, the teaser went straight to Son Hyun Joo and Go Soo’s charismatic combat. The video opens with Son Hyun Joo’s heavy narration. He appears from within a dark shadow, dressed in a clean suit. “April is brutal. Spring comes, flowers blossom, buildings rise, if a new city is formed then wasteland disappears,” he says in a monologue. The preview’s highlight comes when the two confront each other in battle. Go Soo shouts at Son Hyun Joo, “You’re not the one to judge fault. The person who wins judges it.” Then Son Hyun Joo says, “Who are you?” releasing his heavy charisma. Empire of Gold is a collaboration between The Chaser writer Park Kyung Soo and producer Jo Nam Kook. It follows three men and women who fight for their desire to take the king’s position in the nation’s best group. The show will be airing next month on the 1st, following Jang Ok Jung, Live in Love. Watch the teaser for Empire of Gold here: (source: nate news, youtube)