jungwoosung beat

Actor Jung Woo Sung talked about his friendship with Lee Jung Jae in the interview with Naver’s Star Column. The two met while filming the 1997 movie Beat. Jung Woo Sung tells us about Lee Jung Jae’s near death experience during their collaboration for the movie:

“When we were filming the very last scene at the beach, we were like ‘let’s eat breakfast,’ and then we started drinking soju. Two of us had about 8 bottles of soju. We were drunk and saw jet ski near the beach, so we decided to take turns riding it. We were playing rock paper scissors to decide whose turn it was. One time, Lee Jung Jae went too far and the jet ski got flipped. Even though I was drunk, I got so worried thinking 'what's gonna happen to him?' but I didn’t know what to do. I called the police, but Lee Jung Jae managed to hop back onto the jet ski. He drove back and smiled. That was our episode.”
We're so glad to hear he's okay!