As if living out a scene from a crime drama, actor Lee Tae Gon’s life was thrown into chaos when he found himself wrongfully accused of assault by two men! Just what happened to Lee Tae Gon and what did the truth reveal? Keep on reading to find out!

In early January, actor Lee Tae Gon was approached by two men who wanted to shake his hand. However, what seemed like a routine part of a star’s life turned out to be anything but! When Lee declined the request due to their informal address, the situation turned ugly as the two men lashed out violently against the unsuspecting celebrity. The actor ended up with multiple injuries to the face including a fracture to the nose.

This appalling situation turned from bad to worse when Lee Tae Gon went to the police station to testify as a victim. In a drama like twist of fate, the two men accused Lee of being an active participant of the fight, going as far as claiming that he contributed to provoking the violence.

Lucky for the star, on March 7th, Lee Tae Gon was cleared of all alleged accusations and potential charges. The Suwon District Prosecutor’s Office stated that the men who accused Lee have been charged for making false accusations and for causing Lee bodily harm. Both accusers have been booked (without detention) and will face prosecution for their crimes.

The saying goes: “stranger than fiction,” and life definitely seems to hold enough twists and turns to validate such a claim. What do you think of Lee Tae Gon’s ordeal? Let us know your thoughts below!


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