Actor Marcos (Marcos Benjamin Lee) was arrested last week for physical abuse, and it was his own wife who called the police. His professional golfer wife -- Ahn Shi Hyun -- claimed that Marcos threw her cell phone and vacuum cleaner onto the floor and pulled her hair when she asked him to bring a roll of toilet paper to wipe off their daughter’s pee.

SBS's Good Morning broadcasted an interview with a police officer, who reported that at the time of the arrest, Marcos’s wife Ahn Shi Hyun wanted due punishment for him. The police officer said that “(On the earlier record) she wanted punishment for him, until this got broadcast on TV, she wanted punishment.” The officer also said that, however, after this became an issue, she changed her mind: Ahn Shi Hyun “officially told the police that she doesn’t want the punishment.”

When the police officer was asked whether or not Marcos admitted his charge, the officer answered “It’s hard to say it’s an abuse...” -- which surprised the audience.

The explanation given in favor of Marcos is that, “there were some minor arguments, but Marcos never physically abused his wife. The two became emotionally violent and called the police, but it isn’t that serious. We truly feel sorry for causing such news.”